Finissage of the Cabinet of Curiosities (plus release of the catalogue and movie-night)

Centre for Quantum Technologies
Date/Time: Tuesday, 31 Jul at 5:00 pm
Venue: CQT Seminar Room, S15-03-15
National University of Singapore
Block S15, 3 Science Drive

And this will be the program:

Nicolas Carrier (Paris, France) – The big ship
Chris Joseph (UK) – Untitled
Fran et Jim (France) – Neons Melody
Topp & Dubio (The Hague – Netherlands) – UNSTEADY
Juliane Schmidt (Dresden, Germany) – o.T.
Mehraneh Atashi (Malaysia / Iran) – Gulistan (The Flower Garden)
Jorge Catoni (Santiago, Chile) – Chile play today
Tetsushi Higashino (Tokio, Japan) – Punch Shock Corridor
Tetsushi Higashino (Tokio, Japan) – Tit Collector
Ninia Sverdrup (Berlin, Germany) – URBAN SCENE XI: LAST STATION
Mattias Wright (Berlin, Germany) – Suluum
Henry Gwiadzda (USA) – from nothing……an idea
Maciej Nowaczyk (Poland) – Pause
Sylvia Weber & Stefan Köperl (Stuttgart, Germany) – That Sound
Isabelle Desjeux (Singapore) – How to never fail
Chiara Passa (Rome, Italy) – Tales of Space
Cora Piantoni (Zuerich, Switzerland) – nothing
A.lter S.essia (France) – caresse (insula-insulae)
Daniel Djamo (Romania) – The fat lamb
Jonathan Johanson (Columbus, Ohio, USA.) – Explosions Bring Us Closer Together